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Thank you to all of the residents of Weddington who came out to vote November 5th, 2013.
Congratulations to our fine candidates and new leaders

Mayor - Bill Deter
Town Councilmen: Don Titherington & Mike Smith

s site was created to inform the citizens of Weddington of the decisions that the current Town Council has made that have HUGE ramifications as to what our town will look like in the near and long term future. While several big decisions have been made recently, several more are upcoming that have the potential to reshape the town.

We are a group of citizens and neighbors committed to preserving
the Town of Weddington, North Carolina and its future.
Please stay involved...
and help
stop the changes
in our Town

As a group and individually we represent the directive of our fellow residents voiced in 10 years of Town Surveys by:

  • Pursuing a 1 house per acre or equivalent policy.
  • Opposing commercial development outside of the Town Center (Hwy 16 / Hwy 84)
  • Developing a balanced budget policy to maintain a low tax rate.
  • Bringing integrity to Weddington Town Council by conducting the Towns' business in public.
  • Improving communication with the Citizens and soliciting their involvement.
  • Repealing the new Rules of Procedure established by the current council (Town Minutes: May 13, 2013)

We all have reasons we chose to live in Weddington.

When we meet a resident for the first time and ask "What brought you to Weddington?"  "Of all of the places you could have decided on, why did you choose to live here?"

Without exception, we have never heard one resident say that they just love commercial development and they miss all the retail space and they would love to have it here.

In fact, just the opposite is true.

The Town of Weddington conducted a survey in 2012 to get input from citizens in order to understand their vision for our town.

Like most of us, the survey respondents affirmed that, residents value:

Low density development (57.9%)

- Low taxes (59.3%)

- Great schools (51.6%)

- The rural character (45.5%).

According to the survey results the top three issues that would negatively impact the quality of life in town. (available via the town website  

- High density development (58.1%)

- Large scale retail (53.2%)

- Increased traffic ( 58.1%) were

Ignoring these results, the CURRENT Town Council is moving in the opposite direction.  They approved changes to the Land-Use Plan that grant them more flexibility in deciding where Mixed-Use can go.  In fact, they recently approved a text amendment change to the Town's zoning laws that allow for Banquet Facilities in residentially zoned areas. Your neighborhood may be affected by these revisions to the Land-Use Plan.


Actions taken by the CURRENT Town Council

(see the Know the FACTS Page for More Information)

- Polivka International Headquarters (Perry South Weddington a 15,000 sq/ft building) has been approved

- Two new banquet halls/ conference centers are before the council for approval

- A 179' water tower (instead of ground tanks) was approved (4-0) by the CURRENT Town Council  in a residential area 

- A 450,000 sq/ ft commerical complex was submitted to the town for approval (Woods Property) after Dan Barry and Werner Thomisser helped the developer obtain sewer capacity.

- Signed a resolution on March 7th, 2011 stating that "WHEREAS, the approval of sewer allocation to The Woods will promote greater non-residential development within Weddington, as Weddington is currently exploring mixed-use development opportunities within the Town".  See the full resolution at under the Town Minutes archive section, March 7, 2011.

- McLeod property at Twelve Mile Creek and 84 - The property owners have gone before Town Council and residents to present a concept for an expansive Mixed Use development on the 28 acre site. 

The Weddington Town Council operates under the Mayor-Council plan as provided in General Statutes Chapter 160A, Article 7, Part 3 and meets on the 2nd Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Weddington Town Hall. Its' responsibility is to effectively manage the Towns Budget, Land Use plan, Fire Protection Plan and make decisions that reflect and protect the interests of its residents.

The Weddington Town Council is comprised of four members. Each of these members votes on all proposals, budgets and decisions. A majority vote of three members is required to pass any proposal. If the council vote is tied, the mayor of the town casts the fifth and final determining vote.

All candidates for the Town Council of Weddington are to be elected to four (4) year terms each. The qualified voters of the entire Town elect the Mayor. He/She is elected to a two-year term of office. Town Officers shall be elected on a nonpartisan basis and the results determined by a plurality.

The Current Town of Weddington - Town Council Members
Elected November 5th, 2013

Mayor Elect: Bill Deter

Town Council: Don Titherington & Mike Smith

Defeated in the November 2013 Election
Werner Thomisser
Daniel Barry 

Pamela Hadley
Town Council District II
Mobile : (704) 906-8107

Barbara Harrison
Town Council District IV

Mobile: 704-846-4919

Please share the information contained on this website with your neighbors, visit the Town of Weddington website and read the minutes.

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